Who we are

Engine is owned by Art Blocks, an Ethereum-based platform that is dedicated to bringing compelling works of contemporary generative art to life. We are a team of leaders and practitioners who are passionate about bringing this technology to the mainstream.

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Our story

Why we started

Engine began in 2021 when Art Blocks identified a gap in the broader application of generative art technology outside of our own platform.

Other art groups in Web3 were interested in bringing generative art to their own communities and needed our tech to power it. We soon realized that interest wasn't limited just to the art market. Instead, many brands in both Web2 and Web3 were excited by what generative art and NFTs could create.

From there, we've continued to grow Engine to expand our partnerships and provide our artists with additional opportunities.

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what we do

Engine powers Web3

We offer two types of software licensing for both fully on-chain art and off-chain libraries: Engine and Engine Flex. Whether you use Engine or Engine Flex, you’ll get access to our technology, partnership, and support.

Our Products
Our process

We deliver to you a custom solution through a simple, streamlined process.

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Connect with Artists

Bring your own artist, or we'll help connect you with one of the 200+ creative coders in the Art Blocks ecosystem.


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Launch your first project on your new Art Blocks Engine contract!


Smart contract deployment

We’ll deploy smart contracts to test your generative script and purchase flow on your website. When everything looks good in the testing environment, we’ll deploy production-grade contracts that you fully own and control.

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